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Is your Computer slow, do you have to constantly reboot it because it's completely frozen?

Did you know that 80% of Computer problem are Software related? Could be a corrupt driver, missing Dll's, malware infections and the list goes on and on... Before spending any money for a technician, Diy Computer Repair. Clean up your Pc from any old software installed on your hard drive, make a full scan with an antivirus and also a anti spyware program, update all your computer software, Windows update, Office update, video card, audio and network driver. Good chance after all of this that your computer will work normally. If not you should really scan your Pc with a software to
Fix the Windows Registry


Benefits Of Remoteaccess Software

No matter whether you are a student, homemaker, scientist, businessman, or other, it is more than likely that you need access to your computer at all times, regardless of where you are in the world. Because of this need, remoteaccess software was created that allows individuals to access their computer from another computer anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

The amazing thing about this software is that it allows individuals to access their computer from another computer as if they were sitting in front of their very own computer. This is really amazing and has gained significant popularity with many people. The benefits of remoteaccess software are beneficial to individuals, businesses, as well as support teams and help desks.

The reason remoteaccess software is beneficial to individuals is that it allows them access to all of their computers at any time necessary. So, for example, if you are at home and forget something at work you can log on by using the remoteaccess software and get the information you need. The same goes for if you are at work and need something on your home computer. Also, with remoteaccess software you can log onto any computer in your home network via the remoteaccess software. So, now it does not matter where you are because you will be able to access all of your computers and information with this incredible software. In addition to this, if your computer has a problem then you can allow someone to fix it remotely via this software. However, remoteaccess software does not offer benefits to just individuals.

Businesses also can use remoteaccess software to make doing business remotely significantly easier, especially if the company has many offices in different locations. Because of remoteaccess the company employees are able to access different information from computers in other branch offices, which means less traveling and less money spent. Also, if the employee’s need to travel for business purposes they can still log onto their work computers and do work, enter information, or whatever is necessary.

This kind of program is also revolutionary for help desks and support teams because it allows them to enter your computer, upon permission, and check for and repair any problems. This means that when you encounter a problem with your computer the help desk can come in and fix it immediately so you have less downtime and do not have to wait for someone to visit in person. This reduces waiting time and money spent as well, so this software is being widely used.

If you find yourself needing to access information on your computer at home, work, in your network, or when you are traveling, then definitely consider buying a remoteaccess software program that will facilitate your work.
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How To Copy CDs

To make a copy of a CD, you'll need a master to copy,
a blank disk, a CD-RW drive, and the proper software.

Most computers now include either a CD-RW or DVD-RW
drive. If not, you can purchase the appropriate drive reasonably cheaply.
Check out online prices or nip in to your local computer store for advice.

If you have a DVD-RW drive, you'll be able to copy
both CDs and DVDs. The rate of copying will vary,
with 4X being the slowest and up to 48X being the
fastest at the moment. If your drive supports 48X, you can duplicate
a CD in a matter of minutes.

Once you have the CD-RW or DVD-RW drive and some
blank CD-R media, all you need is the software to
duplicate. There is a huge range of CD buring software from freeware
to commercially available packages such as Nero. You will be spoiled for choice!

Once you have everything set up, just run the
software and create your disk. You can copy many
types of media, including pictures, video, audio,
and even data from your computer to a CD. Depending on what
you want to copy, all need to do is select it from the
software menu then sit back and let it rip.

You can back up just about anything - the
choices are entirely up to you.

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IPhone Downloads Services - What To Look For In A Good IPhone Downloads Service!

It was not long after the launch of the IPhone that people started looking online for the best IPhone Downloads Service that they could find to get their fix of all the media they could get for their new phone.

I have written this article to tell you what to look for to make sure that you get a good Iphone Downloads Service and some things to make sure that the service you pick includes to make sure you get the best one.

Here are some things you should consider before you sign up for an IPhone Downloads Service:

How Much Do They Charge?

This might sound obvious although I would say it is a good idea to stay away from IPhone Downloads services that charge a recurring fee as you should be able to join most for a one off fee and get all your media.

So if you do find a service that is asking for a monthly or recurring fee stay clear is my advice.

How Much Media Do You Get?

Before you join any service make sure that it is clear how much media you will get access to and what the quality is as some of the IPhone Downloads services I have found do not make it that clear what you are getting and this as you can imagine can be annoying when you just find files that you can find for free elsewhere.

Quality Of IPhone Downloads

Also another must. Make sure that the IPhone Downloads service that you join has quality downloads as there is nothing worse then waiting for a download only to find that the sound or picture is crackling or just plain bad quality.

Technical support

Make sure as well that after you have signed up to the service that they have adequate support if you have any questions or problems with the software it is a good idea if you have some form of contact.

What I normally do and what I did do before I signed up to an IPhone Download service is to send a test message to the technical support and see if they answered my question in a timely fashion, then you will know for sure.

Transfer Software + Extras

You should also make sure before you sign up to any service that you get all the software included that you will need to transfer the movies to your Iphone without having to pay again.

I hope you have found this article helpful and it has given you a few pointers to look for when you are picking a good IPhone Downloads service.
For More Info And To Find Out How You Can Get Unlimited IPhone Downloads And All The Bonus Software FREE Click The Link Below:

IPhone Downloads

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3 Reasons Why You Need Windows XP Registry Repair Software

There are essentially three reasons why you should have registry repair software installed on your PC.

1. Increase performance

The most common complaint I hear as a systems administrator is that people complain how their PC performance has degraded since purchase. Each time you install or uninstall software or hardware on your PC the Windows registry gets changed. It gets bigger and gets fragmented. Windows needs to read the registry while booking your PC and also while you are running Windows. A big registry file which is fragmented takes longer to read/load than a brand new registry that is small and ordered.

Compare the registry with a wardrobe. If you store your clothes neatly in the wardrobe it will take you less time to find a particular piece of clothing. But if the clothes are not stacked neatly on the shelves and are not in the right place it would take a longer time to find it. Registry cleaners organise the registry so that Windows will find what it needs fast. These programs will also remove unused obsolete entries thus making the registry smaller.

2. Fixing PC Errors

If registry keys or parts of the registry are not stored in a correct way you get errors. Windows won't be able to find things and gives you cryptic error messages or "runtime errors". In older Windows versions you can even get the infamous "Blue Screens Of Death". Running a registry cleaner can fix these errors by fixing errors in the registry.

3. Save money

Some people reinstall their operating system twice a year to solve performance problems or errors they keep on getting. If you send your PC to a store or get a computer technician to look at it will cost you a bundle. Besides paying a bundle to get a complete reinstall or to get them to fix the errors you keep on getting, you won't be able to work behind the computer to get some work done. Buying registry repair software is a lot cheaper than getting your windows reinstalled or getting an computer engineer to look at the errors! Besides usually they will also use registry repair software to fix the errors for you.

Some people are afraid that this kind of software is hard to use or are afraid that they will break their PC using it. Fortunately most registry repair software will allow you to manually, or even better automatically, make a complete backup of your registry before you make any changes to it. Make sure when you download your trial that the software has this option!

The usage of registry repair software is usually very easy and it will take a couple of minutes to scan your registry. After this scan it will show you the results and advise you to take action - for instance deletion of invalid keys. I would advise you to regularly scan your registry to fix possible errors and keep your PC running at peak performance!

Windows registry cleaners is an online resource, providing information about Registry Cleaner Reviews and other information and software how to improve pc performance.

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Some Hot Tips To Fix That Slow Running Computer

Is Computer running slow; it might be time to start fresh.

Tips on slow computer fixes for computer running slow.

This can be one of your problems fragmentation of your hard disk is another cause for your computer running slow. If your computer running slow and sluggish.

Could Be Files Making Your Computer Running Slow

You see there are some dll files that are shared between programs. These can also make your computer run slow, what you could do is have an Optimizer to get rid of old and unwanted files in your register and on the computer, do a search on Google for PC cleaner.

You might have corrupted files, your computer could have faulty memory, currupt windows files, your power supply could be on its way out, however my best guess would be your RAM.

Might Be A Program Problem

You might find that programs will often set the Load on start-up feature automatically when installing so deselect this option during the installation to take control. When on the net and you go to certain web sites, little programs or tracking cookies are put on your computer. Another big no no is , if you open attachments in emails, little programs can be installed on your computer.

In Windows There Is Some Help

Did you know that within Windows includes a Disk Defragmenter program to piece all your files back together again and make them quicker to open.

This is what happens, Windows lets closed programs stay in memory; that's why you have to reboot your computer to keep the performance up. , Windows XP runs very well with 512M, and ok with 256M, but a PC runs slow with less.

Can Your Computer Be Fixed?

If your computer runs slow is very possible to be fixed.

There can be files, using resources on YOUR computer, which you never asked for. These can get there by what's called spyware or adaware.

You Should Run A Virus Scan And Spyware Scan

By running one of these free scans will mean you can decide if you need to obtain this type of software to maintain your Registry.

You'll find that most computers that are running slow, are targets of malicious software infections.

Why Is Your Computer So Slow

Be aware that there are many possible causes for a slow computer, not all are Spyware or Adware related although the majority of cases tend to be.

Another reason for slow performance issues can often be due to overheating, so if the system is faster after it has been shutdown for a while and then restarted -- that would be especially suspect.

By adding memory can be the least expensive and yet one of the most significant ways to fix slow system.

By Running Too Many Programs

This will help too, if you can reduce a few programs running in the background. What you do is click to highlight any program you don? want , (but leave ones like Systray running) Click End Task.

One good thing is if you are running Windows there are several tools you may wish to try, like Scandisk, Disk Defragmentor, and Disk Cleanup.

What Can Affect Your System

One thing that can happen is when a computer go slows it has probably been infected by several types of malicious software, and every single one of them are competing with the others for the available system resources.

Be very mindful that there are also highly destructive viruses out there that will physically destroy your system.

Next we want to cleanup any errors on the drive using Scandisk, so go to Start-My Computer-right click on the C: drive and choose Properties-Tools Tab-Error checking-click the Check Now button-check the Automatically fix system errors-click Start.

Have you or your family complained about your computer running slower than ever. Computers Software Internet Is your computer running slow, your Computer Registry may be part of the problem.

You can use this article on your site so long as you include the full resource box
Want to know how to fix your slow running computer?
Visit this site for more information NOW!

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Repair Your Computer For Free

Download Free Software Tools

I just read an article about a lady whose computer was deluged by adware. It was such a problem that she spent thousands of dollars on computer repair fees to try to clean up her computer. The said thing is that she could have restored her computer by herself in less than a few hours and for free.

Somewhere down the line, there will be problems with your computer (adware, spyware, viruses, good software gone bad, etc,). Obviously, you should use protection software to prevent as much as possible. However, you will most likely eventually find yourself in a mess. Relax! Don't worry.

Don't spend thousands of dollars on a computer guy to fix your computer if it breaks down. The first rule of thumb is, don’t spend more than $300, which would buy you a new computer today. But don't throw away your computer yet -- there is another solution.

If you are unable to access programs like MS Office and Quicken you may have a hardware problem, or your data may be so corrupted that you may have to call in a computer expert to get to it – and he may not be able to access it in a cost effective way. Decide ahead of time how much your data is worth to you and find out how much you will pay the expert.

If you can still access your data, try the following:
First, back up all the saved data from programs like MS Office and Quicken. Make sure you have the original program discs because later you will need to reload these programs, and any backed up data. Then, just reload your Windows XP operating system (or upgrade to Windows XP). Bypass any warnings it gives you about your existing data. It will wipe your computer clean and you can start again. Go online and load the FREE security programs listed below. Then load the programs you wish to re-install and then their backed up data. Your computer will run like brand new (or better!). Warning! You will lose everything on your computer when you install Windows XP, and all the programs have to be re-loaded.

Here is the plan.

1) Starting now if it is not too late, you should be saving your important files and data to a disk or better yet to an online file folder. The online file folder sign-up can be found in the godaddy e-mail area. This way your files and data are safer. I enjoy accessing my files remotely from any computer as well. You should also neatly save and organize your important software so it is easy to reload.
2) Reload or load for the first time Windows XP Home edition or Professional.
3) Now download for FREE Microsoft Defender Anti-Spyware from
4) Now download for FREE Avast Anti-virus.

These three work great together. You can find great information on in the free stuff forum at They list many of the above solutions.

I even suggest for older computers that are running sluggishly to load Windows XP right now to clean it up your system and make it work faster – before problems occur. Your computer will work like new. CAUTION: You will lose everything when you re-load the Windows XP on you computer, but that is good if you have a bunch of junk. SAVE YOUR IMPORTANT ITEMS FIRST.

I did the above on 2 older Dells. One was plagued by an overload of junk and adware that popped up constantly. The other was just old and slow. I loaded the new Windows XP and started from scratch, and they work even better than the brand new Dells at my office that are loaded with a paid McAfee security package. McAfee seems to try to trick you into paying twice for the subscription, but the above solution is free and does the same thing.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on any of the above, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. For hardware problems or to restore data, you may need a computer guy (expert). Also, you may have a computer guy who is very cost effective and efficient (they are around), but there are just as many that spend to much time and money (yours) to fix something their way.

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