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Is your Computer slow, do you have to constantly reboot it because it's completely frozen?

Did you know that 80% of Computer problem are Software related? Could be a corrupt driver, missing Dll's, malware infections and the list goes on and on... Before spending any money for a technician, Diy Computer Repair. Clean up your Pc from any old software installed on your hard drive, make a full scan with an antivirus and also a anti spyware program, update all your computer software, Windows update, Office update, video card, audio and network driver. Good chance after all of this that your computer will work normally. If not you should really scan your Pc with a software to
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Burning a CD in Windows XP takes forever

Burning a CD in Windows XP takes forever
When i Burn a CD it takes forever
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When burning a CD on my Windows XP computer, using Windows Media Player, it takes forever and does so very slowly. My other applications also freezes.
Solution: When you burn music from sources other than WAV files, your system has to automatically convert it to the other file format while it burns it. CD Audio is a particular hard format for a CD-burner in terms of resources. The system will use its resources to convert and burn the files onto the disk in order to avoid pauses in the flow of data to the burner, and this can take a lot of your CPU resources away from other applications.
There are two options available to you in order to increase your systems CPU resources and let your system run better when burning a CD. First, you should defragment your hard drive. If your drive is badly fragmented, your system will use up a lot of resources just reading files and running Windows from your drive. To defrag your system, simply open up you're my computer icon and right click on your hard drive (usually listed as C:) when the popup menu appears, select properties. When the properties window appears, you will see a few tab stops at the top of this window. Click on tools and you will be given a new window with the option of Defragment now. Left click on this button and when the defragment window appears, click on the defragment button at the bottom of the screen.To be able to defragment ,you need at least 5 gig of free space on your hard drive.

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This process can take some time, so it would be best to start this in an evening and leave it to run over night. When the process is complete, restart your system and try to burn your CDs again (making sure to close any unnecessary programs running in the background — you can also install and run Adaware or Spybot, free programs available on the Web that look for and remove resource-sapping spyware and adware hiding on your computer).
The second option is a simple upgrade in your computers memory. Windows XP need a minimum of 512mb of memory to run, Windows 2000 need a minimum of 256mb.The best would be to double the minimum amount of memory , 1gig of Ram for XP and 512 for WIn2000. When Windows is on idle with nothing else loaded, you can expect the operating system to use up to 128MB of RAM. As soon as you start running applications let's say Word and your media player, you can see it jump up to and sometimes 256MB. It would be recommended you upgrade your memory and you should see a great improvement in your system's available resources.

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